Reviews of Gauntlet

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Cutting-edge research, complex plotting and in-depth characterizations lift Aaron’s debut, a terrorist thriller. Afghan Yousseff Said al-Sabbhan, who’s built an enormous drug-smuggling enterprise, has worked out with his co-conspirator, ‘the Emir,’ a plan to destroy an American city and bring the country to its knees. Opposing the plotters is the Terrorist Threat Integration Center, a secret agency staffed by men and women drawn from every sector of the U.S. intelligence community. Autistic mathematician Hamilton Turbee, a TTIC employee, is a standout in a vast cast of characters, surely one of the most interesting and endearing heroes ever to star in an action adventure novel. Despite the incredible amount of detail and the constant flashbacks, Aaron keeps the action moving swiftly forward. Some readers may be frustrated by the abrupt ending as well as patches of mundane prose, but all will eagerly await the two projected sequels.”

Publishers Weekly

“First novelist Aaron writes rich dialog and vivid action, not to mention fascinating characters.”

– Library Journal

“Aaron shines with a cutting-edge style of research that brings his first book to the borderline of character-driven action journalism, set in a hypothetical future not too far off, in the high stakes world of international police.”

– North Kitsap Herald (Washington)

“Incredible, multifaceted… The suspense is almost painful. I found myself on the edge of my seat, biting my nails… This novel is intense!”


“Not since Clive Custler’s Dirk Pitt books have I been awed by … an adventure novel. Gauntlet is a page-turner… Gauntlet gets the green light!

– HighSpeed Magazine

“Amazing scope … Richard Aaron gives us a stunning look at what really drives terrorism in a breathtaking thriller that’s in step with our fast-paced world … outperforms 24.”

– New York Times Bestselling Author David Morrell

“Wow, wow, wow! Gauntlet is a tour de force of exuberant storytelling… the definitive reality-based global thriller. Great suspense, a killer plot, and – amazingly – real characters. An absolute winner.”

New York Times Bestselling Author John Lescroart

“Loads of really good writing… Aaron knows his stuff. Gauntlet [is] a damn fine novel.”

David Hagberg, bestselling author of Dance with the Dragon,

Joshua’s Hammer, Soldier of God, and Allah’s Scorpion

“A good writer [with] a good story takes you to places you haven’t been and introduces you to new concepts, [without] your having to go there and put your own life on the line. Richard Aaron did just that. The plot of his story is riveting… the possibility that this could happen [frightening]. [An] emotionally thrilling novel, well worth the read.”

John Foxjohn, bestselling author of Cold Tears,

winner of the Readers’ Award for best mystery

“Wow, what a story! I absolutely couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to work on the movie.”

Quay Terry, Hollywood Military consultant, Jarhead, Flags of Our Fathers, Stop-Loss, Wolverine

“Normally, when I’m hired to promote a novel, I read a couple of chapters and the synopsis. But Gauntlet kept pulling at me… interfering with my work. I [snuck in] a few chapters every time I stepped away from the computer, [and suddenly] I’d read the whole thing. You’d never guess it’s a first novel.”

Shel Horowitz, book marketing consultant and author of Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers

“Amazing – complex and twisted… with bad guys so devilishly clever that they would rival Satan himself.  You don’t see what’s coming until it hits you … until then you’re cheering your heart out for the good guys. An astounding first stab.”

– Mike Karanikolas, Los Angeles, owner and president of